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Almost every third German company enables occasional home work. But how do you create a healthy work environment there? Our tips as download poster.

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Look down at the screen from above as if you were reading a book. Distance between lower edge of the screen and table surface as small as possible. Tilt the screen until your gaze is perpendicular to it. Keep a 50 to 70 centimeter viewing distance. Windows and light sources should not dazzle. Day- light should come from the side.

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Get up and walk around o en. Relax shoul- ders. Upper arms should remain loose and form a right angle with the forearms, as do upper and lower legs. Put forearms hori- zontally on the table, feet fully on the floor, if necessary with a footrest.

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Use the full seat. Changing your posture of- ten relieves. Treat yourself with an ergonom- ic chair that you choose by function and comfort. The backrest should support in all sitting positions, level armrests with table surface.

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Set up your workspace in a simple but com- fortable way. Try to create an area that you consciously enter and leave. Best option, whenever possible, is a dedicated study room, or use a room divider. Take care for fresh air and daylight. Carpets are cozy and absorb noise.

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Beware of distractions, only work things are allowed in your work area. Disorder distracts. Music alongside depends on working type. Strictly adhere to working hours, set goals and take breaks. Mood tip: Put on your work out t, especially when you do not leave your home.

The working from home knowledge is also available as a vivid poster.


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